2.000.000 people informed about the Integrity Pacts

Approximately two million people learned about the Integrity Pacts, through a 4 months online informative campaign.

The online campaign ran from June to September 2021, by broadcasting two animated videos each one having approx. 30 seconds (1st video: The Integrity Pacts and 2nd video: The external monitor), as well as a set of online banners.

The two animated spots/videos recorded over 200,000 views in those four months mentioned and over 400.000 impressions, having an average viewing rate of 49%, which means that the target audience had a high interest in the message.

The main objective of the campaign was to make the Integrity Pacts known as tools to combat corruption and fraud in public procurement, beneficial both for the contracting authorities and for the biding entities. The Pacts are working as their protector, by involving the external monitor (usually part of the civil society), that makes sure that the Integrity Pacts are respected and the investment projects meet all the rules of transparency, ethics and efficiency.